“You can concentrate on healing”

Without fail, every Veteran that stays at the Veterans House is overwhelmed with the generosity of people who go out of their way to respect our nation’s heroes. Their help enables these patients and their families to focus on their healing without the worry of the costs associated with an extensive stay away from home.

Your donation, whether it is goods, money or volunteer service, is greatly appreciated. As Roy says, “come to the Veterans House and see the tremendous things that goes on for us Veterans.”

We were surprised when Olive Garden came out and catered a meal for Veterans Day.  They even served it - we were truly appreciative. So, I say ‘thank you’ for a great experience which would not be available without the many donations received.

Dean Martin, retired Command Sergeant Major

“Thank you, thank you!  What a blessing in a stressful time.”  

   Michael and Sheila H.

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